Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is designed to deliver your adverts to your potential customers right at the moment they are searching for your product on Google.  No matter what you are selling, AdWords are designed to serve up your online ads based on predetermined keywords your customers are likely to use to find your product.  This is probably the number one reason they are so successful, you are not mass marketing hoping to get a small return - you are targeting customers who are specifically looking for your products or services.

Getting the right keyword balance to optimise your budget against your return, and ensuring your website is designed to track your advertising goals can be a little tricky for the novice.  That's where we come in ... for a small management fee, we will take care of your websites search engine optimisation needs and Google AdWords Campaign Management.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service

All websites we design and create are fully compliant with Google's standards to ensure the automatic scans can process and correctly index the website.  The better Google's automated system can understand the website, the better chance of it being returned as a search result.

There are many simple points from correct use of HTML headers, avoiding text duplication in multiple pages, and ensuring key text is not embedded in an image.  These are just some examples of the requirements to ensure Google can correctly read, index and prioritise your website.

If you are not getting the results you expected from setting up a website, then please contact us for an SEO review.

What we do:

  • Understand your goals for your website, and the keywords you are looking to improve.  This will vary greatly depending on competition for similar searches, so it's good to focus not only on your core products and service, but also the key locations you serve.
  • Perform a site assessment against Google standards to determine what needs to be done.
  • Perform site optimisation against our findings to improve the indexing.
  • Recommend a Google AdWords Campaign to kick-start visitor finding your website, with a rough daily budget of what you would need to spend to get an estimated amount of traffic to your site.

Google AdWords Campaign Management

Search Engine Optimisation results are usually measured in months, due to the time it takes for Google and other providers to continually search, update and index all websites on the internet.  For instant results, turn to Google AdWords.

The Google AdWords system is extremely clever, and deserves far more credit than you might initially expect.  Your adverts can be tailored to very specific target customers, to ensure you don't needlessly waste your budget, but instead deliver your advert only to those who have a good potential to become a customer.

For example, if you run a small local business selling to customers within your local area, Google AdWords can be tailored to serve up adverts only for specific keywords when searched within a given radius of any location(s) you supply.  Depending on your type of expected customer, you can choose to have your ad served only to home internet connections, or include business and/or mobile phones.  For example, a local gardner would not want adverts served nationwide within the UK if he/she is only able to serve customers in one town/county.  Or a small business might serve customers nationwide and selected European countries, but not the USA.  Getting your AdWords tailored to your specific needs is where FORBES Websites can help.

What we do:

  • Create and manage all aspects of your advertising campaign
  • Work with you to understand the requirements of the customers you would like to target
  • Recommend potential keywords and the cost vs. expected traffic of each option.  Google will charge more for the very popular keywords, and less for keywords that are less frequently searched.  So your budget will be very much dependent on the competition in your industry and target area.
  • Google will produce reports on your campaign performance against your goals, that we will monitor daily and optimise your campaign as necessary based on the searching habits of your customers.  For example, we review searches that have triggered your advert, along with potential searches that were excluded to review if including additional triggers would enhance your return.

Please contact us for further information and pricing specific to your needs.